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A little look back at Peter’s Film Diary

When I put the website “Machich-Wennich-Zeithab” the first time online in 2006 it was kind of a joke project. I didn’t know exactly what to do with a personal website so the content was a bit odd and not very serious. But as I used digital photography more and more this website became the place to show my images.

This is the page’s design back in 2010: in 2010

When I started I had no clue of html and css but I somehow struggled through it. Long nights with just scraching my head why things didn’t work out so well and no output ruled the next years. Some day I switched over to wordpress after asking myself if I rather want to be a frustrated hobby coder or a happy hobby photographer.

The page got a much cleaner look with wordpress in 2014: in 2014

After years of solely using digital cameras I thought about improving my photographic skills by shooting film again and free me from my GAS. After a extensive research I bought a Leica M3 rangefinder and a Voigtlander 50mm lens. Before I went completely digital my last film camera was a Canon EOS3 and taking pictures with the M3 was like a throwback in the stone age of photography. No auto focus, no internal light meter, no winder, no automatic exposure, weird film loading. The unobtrusive look as well as weight and size for permanently carrying it around was great and overall handling was fun, though. But the angle of view of the 50mm lens didn’t suit me and a 35mm could only be mounted on the M3 with an external finder. So after one year I decided to sell the M3 and grabbed a cheap Leica M7 and used the 35mm lens I bought earlier.

All the new images shot on film should got a dedicated space on my website and I set up a new blog called “Peter’s Film Diary”. The first post was on 2013, September 1st.

The first post at Peter’s Film Diary

After some time I ditched the complete content on the main site and focussed on the Film Diary. I have wanted to make a kind of a photo-tech blog on the main site but as I am not a experienced writer and time has always been an issue that never happened. Other incidents occured and I decided to make a sabbatical to replenish my batteries.

The show must go on (“borrowed” from Queen): I have a new domain for all photography related stuff called “The Untamed Camera” and when you read this lines it is already online.
This is the last post here at New posts will continue at

Thank you for the time you spent on this website over the past years, I hope you enjoyed it.  Please head over to The Untamed Camera to continue with Peter’s Film Diary.

Side note: about the phrase “Mach Ich Wenn Ich Zeit Hab”
Non German readers will ask: What the hell does that weird blog title mean?
“Mach ich wenn ich Zeit hab” is a kind of a German saying and a bit ambiguous. One meaning is: If you have to deal with a lot of things and little time you put the less important aside saying: “I will do (it) when I have time”. From experience that will never happen. It is the pre-stage of the bin. The other meaning is to show or tell others: ”I do (this) in my spare time”.


The break is nearly over. There will be new posts very soon.

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Kodak TMAX 100 @100, XTOL

Kodak TMAX 100 @100, developed in XTOL